APR 14: Pre-Production for Web Clip soon

FEB 14: 1st Comic ‘Junk Mail’

DEC 13: A 4th Ebook ‘Colourful Arabic Alphabet’ Scribd/Kobo/Smashwords

DEC 13: Wizard of Oz Panto - My role - An Evil Flying Monkey Army

AUG 13: A Third Ebook - ‘A Snow Mosque’ - Kindle/Kobo/Smashwords

APR 13: Introduction to Acting CITYLIT

APR 13: The London Bookfair

MAR 13: Introduction to Acting: One Day CITYLIT

SEP 12: A Short film Zoom 2012, got the interview but unsuccessfully.

APR 12: The London Bookfair

MAY 12: T156 Digital Film School OPEN UNIVERSITY

MAR 12: Sufiya Ahmed’s launched ‘Secrets of The Henna Girl’

SEP  11: Comprehensive Creative Writing Course WRITER BUREAU

APR 11: Ways into Creative Writing CITYLIT

OCT 10: A Taste of Creative Writing CITYLIT

1998: Received a certificate ‘Participation & Effort Awarded’ (Youth)

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About Me

Sahera Khan

DESCRIBE ME: British, Muslim, Deaf, Headscarf, Young, British Sign Language, English

Born: United Kingdom

Parents: Pakistani

Education: Full time

Married and one kid

I am an Artist/Creative: Writer and Photography.

Books: Zahra series and To Kill A Mockingbird

Writer: Sufiya Ahmed and Khaled Hosseini

Admiration: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, spending with family, shopping, learning new things and meeting new faces.

I like some great authors.

My secret is I am a fan of ‘The Twilight Saga’, ‘Smallville’, Saved by the Bell’ and Sabrina the Teenage Witch’.

Writer: Creative writing, short stories, screenplays and books.

First Ebook: ‘My Creative Writing’ (September 2012).

Second Ebook: ‘A Spider is a Monster’ (December 2012) Children’s story.

Third Ebook: ‘A Snow Mosque’ (August 2013) Children’s story.

So far I have four Ebooks and one E-comic.

Filmmaking: I completed my T156 Digital Film School (Open University).

Acting: Some small roles on televisions, theatres and schools.

'It is not about money or fame. I want any good of my creative can be successful that is my goal.'

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1. Junk Mail (February 2014)


Click > Scribd

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Click > Kindle

'Cool book cover, lots of pictures. A fairly well put together format. It wasn’t very easy to read/follow from start/finish. No grammar errors, repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of unique scenarios. This could make a better PP presentation. Not sure I got the whole story line content even with the ethnic twist I can only rate it at 3/5 stars for this presentation (book). Thank you for the free short story (book).'

Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn), Smashwords member

1. My Creative Writing (September 2012)

Cover for 'My Creative Writing'

Click > Kindle

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Click > Scribd

'I am enjoying reading it. I remember you writing the poem about your name, and I also like the ones about the Olympics. Also chips!'

Zoë Fairbairns, Author

2. A Spider is a Monster (December 2012)

Cover for 'A Spider is a Monster!'

Click > Kindle

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Click > Scribd

'Cute' K.C Boone, Smashwords member

3. A Snow Mosque (August 2013)


Click > Kindle

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Click > Kobo

Click > Scribd

4. Colourful Arabic Alphabet (December 2013)


Click > Scribd

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Click > Kobo

Click > Kindle

'Gorgeous vibrant colors, clear illustrations, with each letter on it's own page. Sadly for me, there wasn't a pronunciation guide and no English equivalents of the Arabic letters.I'd have liked to see each letter have a picture of an item that started with that letter as that helps children and new language learners make the connections but this is a lovely book.'

Bea, Goodreads member

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DEAF, BSL, Artists, Creatives, Charities, Organsations, TV, Films, Websites

Sahera is not responsible for the content of external sites and information…


The Deaf Community Project - ‘Islam 4 Deaf’ Click here

Coming soon…

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Coming Soon…

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Muslim Artists, Writers, Creatives, Media, Sports and Charities UK and IRL

Sahera is not responsible for the content of external sites and information…

You know there are no a Muslim Talent Agency here…

Lots of great inspirations… Successfully… What great and unique Muslims’ Talents… Really Positive…


Sahera Khan -

Sufiya Ahmed -

Noor A Jahangir -

Imran Siddq -

More writers coming soon…


The Internet Islamic Art Database -

More artists coming soon…


Yusuf Islam -

More Nasheeds coming soon…


Na’eem Raza -


Sara Kohal - Profile

Farah Sardar - Profile

Sabina England -

Tariq Mahmood -

More actors/actresses coming soon…


Raabia Hussain -

Shaukat Ali Khan -

More filmmakers coming soon…


Khayaal Theatre Company -


Muhammad: The Last Prophet (US)

My Jihad by Shakeel Ahmed (BBC short drama) - click here

More movies coming soon…


Islam Channel -


Malcolm X - (US)

Muhammad Ali - (US)

Tariq Ramadan - (FRA)

 coming soon…


Kube Publishing -

Shade 7 -


Emel -


Muslim Aid

coming soon…

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Contact Me

You can email me:

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